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Your Guide To A Better Back

Straight to the Point.
If You Have BACK PAIN,
you have Posture Problems Too!

Every single day, more people experience nagging back pain and just accept that it's a normal part of everyday life




It’s a part of ‘growing older’ or ‘working a desk job.’


Well, guess what?

Back Pain is NEVER normal.


Instead, it's a sign that your back and body are under stress.


It's also a sign that we often just push aside, hoping it will go away,

but time won't simply stop and wait for you to catch up and feel better.


We know that fixing posture isn't exactly the most 'exciting' activity for you, but writing it off or ignoring it doesn't always comes back!


Back pain can force you to be at the mercy of an unhealthy life

of chronic pain and health problems.



According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke, “Nearly 80% of adults experience low back pain in their lifetimes.”

That's 4/5 people...

Are YOU one of them?


We Think You Deserve Better!



Better posture is better for you!

That's why we created the

7-Day Posture DETOX:

Your Guide to a Better Back Challenge!


We challenge you to take the next

1-week to improve your bad posture habits, boost your movement potential, and set your posture on the correct path that can help you look, feel, and move better for life!


Taking care of your posture is one

of the best investments you can make for your health.


Get started in the right direction right now... best of all, it's FREE!

“Life requires Movement"


Your Body is an Amazing ADAPTION MACHINE!


If you don’t move your muscles, your body will adapt.


If you don’t prioritize your posture, your body will adapt.


If you don’t take care of your bones, your body will adapt.

You can get so used to bad posture over time that it starts to feel 'good'... which is bad!


Back Pain may be just the beginning of the many complications you can face by neglecting your body’s pleas for help.

If you already have back pain, chances are bad posture is involved.


But here’s the thing about adapting...

It works both ways.


When you choose to make a change, to sit, stand, and move better, your body will adapt and reward you with better habits and improved health, strength, & energy.

YPS man sitting 1.jpg

"Back Pain is the most common cause of

job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work days"

Vania Apkarian,

Department of Physiology at Northwestern University's Medical School

Straight to the Point.
If You Have BACK PAIN,
you have Posture Problems Too!


The 7-Day Posture DETOX!


Much more than you probably realize!

Without saying a single word, your posture speaks volumes about YOU.

It's often the first thing people notice.

Your posture also highlights your mood and how you feel.

Upright + Confident Posture = Good Mood


Slumpy + Slouchy Posture = Bad or Depressed Mood

Which Do You Prefer?


Good posture shows off your confidence, discipline, and how well your

body moves, looks, and feels.


Not everyone needs an overhaul. Sometimes, all you need is a little RESET

to make things BETTER.


It's time to recommit to your health with our FREE 7-Day Posture DETOX!


Starting with your back as your base, we guide you through easy-to-apply

lifestyle shifts and exercises that will help you see why improving posture

and the way you look, move, and feel can positively impact literally every

aspect of your life.

It all begins with better choices.

Start right now by saying YES!

Here's What You Get Inside 
The 7-Day Posture Detox!


We have designed a daily training schedule specific to resetting Postural Collapse that you can access easily to keep you active and accountable for REAL results that last over the next 7-days.


Learn the user-friendly exercises & posture techniques that help improve the way you move so you can take care of one of the most important assets you have... your spinal health.


Once you register, you will receive our Daily Motivation Tips & Habit Reminders to make it easy to keep up and stay accountable as you aim for the results you deserve.


Be more educated, accountable, and aware of your daily posture patterns with our guided ebook, inclusive of everything you need for the 7-Day Posture DETOX: Your Guide to a Better Back

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Back pain has become a normal part of your everyday life

  • A Painkiller a day keeps the pain away...for just that day

  • You are Time Poor! Finding time to exercise is a luxury

  • Your productivity and performance levels drop when your body is tired and sore

The 7-Day Posture DETOX: Your Guide to a Better Back is the perfect opportunity for you to start prioritizing a very important part of your own life…YOU!





How much time do I need to dedicate everyday?

Since this is a 7-Day Journey, you need to plan ahead and be prepared to dedicate 15-20 minutes each day of the journey for 1 week straight. We’ll provide everything you need with detailed instructions and training materials for each day, including your follow-up exercises and action items for you to implement the information into your routine immediately.

Is this beginner friendly? Do I need experience?

This Journey is perfect for anyone who is committed to investing just 1-week into improving and optimizing their health whether they are experienced with exercise or not. The strategies you’ll learn here will last you a lifetime and don’t require any workout history or even previous experience with a Chiropractor. We’re there every step of the way.

Is this a DIY journey or personal one-to-one?

The 7-Day Posture DETOX Guide to a Better Back journey is an all-inclusive self-study experience with daily training and action steps you can start implementing immediately to detox bad posture habits and get your body functioning with better habits.
Our team will provide the information
and resources you need to take action
and get REAL results.


BK YPS Book Launch Social Media v1.png

Doctorate of Chiropractic (DC)

  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Medicine Specialist

  • Certified Posture Neurologist

  • Certified Posture Expert

  • Certified Ergonomist

  • Certified Pediatric Posture Specialist


  • 2021 POSTURE ICON AWARD winner

         (American Posture Institute)

Life is busy. I get it!


As a busy Chiropractor, International Speaker, Posture Product Advisor, Dad and Hubby, finding the secret to ‘work-life balance’ is simply not going to happen for me. Instead, I’m all in for 'work-life presence’. I go all-in at work, then shut off so I can go all-in with life. Family time tops my list, but I do like a bit of ‘me-time' too.


I’m a sports guy. I'm passionate about archaeology. I love restoration projects, particularly old cars, motorbikes, and homes...maybe that's why I’m always aiming to restore everyone’s posture.


In this chaotic and busy world, we need to manage our own health and often our loved ones too. Personally, taking care of posture is one of the best personal investments I made for my own family so we stay healthy and pain-free. However, in the beginning, it wasn’t the easiest journey.

Originally from Canada, I helped pioneer chiropractic in Malaysia over the past 20+ years. Posture has played a lead role in my approach to better health right from the start. With modern tech advancing quickly, it was easy to predict the impact smart devices would have on the world around me. I just didn’t expect it to happen so fast! Posture was now failing faster than the speed of advancing technology right in front of me.


Fortunately, being a Chiropractor is amazing, but to protect even my own family and the many generations in my client communities from the intense impact poor posture patterns would have on them, I needed to learn more. Expanding my skillset with specialized certifications from the American Posture Institute as a Postural Neurologist, Postural Ergonomist, Posture Expert and Pediatric Posture Specialist helped me reach a completely new level of expertise. I know posture! With confidence and expertise, I can detect, correct, and protect my own family, my clients, and their corporate communities too from the stress and impact of poor posture patterns.


At the same time, ‘posture’ has literally taken care of me too. I’ve been blessed with opportunities to travel as an international speaker conducting posture & spinal health workshops and webinars for the consumer, education, e-sports, and corporate sectors in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, UAE, Korea, Canada, and the USA. I presented at the 2018 Virtual World Posture Summit and since 2011, continue to serve as an Advisor and Techno-Commercial Consultant for leading innovators in the global posture-product industry. In 2021, I received the inaugural POSTURE ICON award from the American Posture Institute, a truly proud highlight in my career.


Over the past two decades, I have treated and trained thousands of clinical and corporate clients around the world to a life of better posture, better health and peak performance. What makes my approach unique is that I’m not looking for THE perfect posture. Instead, I’m looking for a better YOU. It's my mission to help you learn how to reset your posture any time you need to use posture to improve the way you move and live your life.. Every single client I meet learns the reasons behind their postural collapse and related back problems and how using postural resets can best improve their situation. You deserve exactly the same.


That’s why teaming up with Dr. Scott Vatcher to write our Amazon best-selling book Your Posture SUCKS! – from broken to better in 30 days simply made sense. Our combined experience of more than 40 years in movement and posture is so passionately shared in our book that with a little committed effort, you can improve the way you move and reconnect you and your posture for life...Best part? It’s easier than you think. Cliick the link below to find out more.


Remember, bad posture isn’t always your fault. Not doing something about it is. Don’t wait for pain to tell you to make a change. Now is the time to take control of your posture, to look better, get fit, and be well for life.

The 7-Day Posture DETOX - Your Guide to a Better Back is the perfect opportunity for YOU to start prioritizing YOU.

GET A COPY OF OUR BOOK: Your Posture Sucks!

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