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Say hello to better posture and a pain-free back with our Free 7-Day Posture Detox! This comprehensive guide is packed with tips, exercises, and advice to help you realign your posture and say goodbye to back pain for good.


Whether you spend long hours sitting at a desk, or simply struggle with maintaining good posture, this detox is perfect for you. With just a few minutes a day, you can start to see noticeable improvements in your posture, mobility, and overall well-being.


Don't wait, grab your copy now and start your journey to a healthier, happier back!

While the title itself may have caught your attention, it’s probably because you, like many others, feel that your own posture sucks. Guess what? You’re probably right!


Checking out this book also means you are looking to make a change, to improve and transform your quality of life. Since posture is a part of everything you do, making the best of it throughout your days is one of the most efficient ways to get there. It looks great too!

Whether you are part of the corporate world, studying, or spend time at home, nearly everyone everywhere sits too much. With the recent pandemic behind us, the consequences are still lingering as the work space invaded the unprepared home space, reminding us all that better posture is better for you.


Not only was it a bad time to get back pain, most people didn’t know how to fight back. They still don't! Bad posture and lack of regular movement have become a pandemic on their own. Both are linked to back pain, obesity, headache, neck pain, nerve problems, diabetes, heart disease, depression and anxiety. Worst of all, poor posture affects our growing kids and teens too! What are you doing about it?

The posture you get comes from the habits you set. Mindset matters. Movement matters. Posture matters. That’s why Dr Barry Kluner and Dr Scott Vatcher joined forces to write this book. It isn’t a shortcut to better posture. There aren’t any. It’s an efficient fast-track process on how to get you there in just 30-days, a fair trade for a lifetime of better health and productivity.


On this 4-week journey, you will learn the how, why and what of creating best-practice Posture Patterns to relieve back pain, boost immunity, improve focus, mental and physical well-being and to protect your posture for optimal productivity and peak performance in all areas of your life.


Resetting your posture doesn't have to be difficult. It's easier than you think. We are here to make your journey to better posture interactive, adaptable, and fun!

So, if your posture sucks…it's time to fix it!


  • The 4-step process to unlock your personal posture potential and relieve back pain, improve mobility, core stability and strength

  • How to naturally boost your energy to improve the way you move

  • Easy to adapt, affordable and time saving ergo-friendly solutions for your workspace and home office

  • How to enhance your focus and mental well-being while combating depression and anxiety


    • 30 days to better Posture, Performance and Prosperity

  • How to lead your family into stress free posture in high-tech times

  • Tips, Performance Hacks and mini-Posture BURSTS to get you through your day

Available now in ebook or paperback!

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