my name is dr barry and i am making the world better 1 posture at a time!

Dr. Barry Kluner is one of Asia-Pacific’s leading experts in postural restoration driving the worldwide revolution to snap out of Postural Amnesia so we can move better, get fit, and be well.


A chiropractic pioneer in Malaysia since 2001, he is also a Certified Posture Expert, Postural Neurologist, and Ergonomist by American Posture Institute.


A successful chiropractor, entrepreneur, and posture techno-commercial consultant for CEO’s of innovative global posture technology companies, he currently serves as a Founding Member of Posture360 Advisory Board in Seoul, Korea developing cutting-edge, intelligent, and desirable posture technologies for the 21st century. 

'bad posture isn't always your fault. 

not doing something about it is'

dr barry kluner


certified posture expert (CPX)

certified postural neurologist (CPN)

certified ergonomist (CErg)